Send and track bulk SMS messages and campaigns.
Easy & safe! Anywhere in the world.

How it works ?

Versatile & Global

Communicate with everyone who matters to you, your business or organization, even with those without a smartphone or internet access. Send and receive SMS messages from your computer to and from devices all over the world.


Powerful & Accessible

Either independent or integrated within your own systems, ElementarySMS serves as your organization's SMS command center, giving you the possibility to easily manage all your mobile messaging from any web browser.


Safe & Private

Protect your database and keep your account secure! Having installed the platform on one of your servers, you have total privacy and control: neither we nor any other parties can access, store or replicate your data.

How it works

Send unlimited SMS

No matter what plan you choose, ElementarySMS allows you to send unlimited number of SMS, using one or more SIM cards from any mobile network carrier.

You control the costs

Basically you need a cell plan (prepaid or contract) that offers you the best cost/SMS ratio *.
The choice of the mobile network provider is entirely up to you!


*Standard text messaging rates may apply. We recommend an unlimited SMS plan, so you can avoid surcharge.

Why ElementarySMS ?

No dedicated server required

There is no need for USB modems attached or a server dedicated for ElementarySMS. You can install the web application on your PHP enabled server, on an available subdomain, as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

No cost per SMS

Any of ElementarySMS price plans includes unlimited SMS ! You control the costs, by choosing a cell plan that offers you the best cost/SMS ratio, from any mobile network provider in the world.

Use your own phone number

Do you got a phone number easy to remember or your contacts are used to getting messages from your number ? With ElementarySMS, you can use your own number to send bulk messages.

Worldwide communication

Create your organization's international SMS command center, from the comfort of your desk! You can send and receive messages to and from anywhere in the world.

Protects your data

Privacy is a major concern for every enterprise. We do not access, store or replicate your data! You have full control over the performance, integrity and security of your database.

Unlimited SMS

Increase incoming and outgoing message capacity by connecting multiple Android devices. Check out ElementarySMS price plans and pick the one that fits your needs.

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