Easy to install, configure and use. You'll get an awesome (and responsive) web interface to manage your devices, messages, contacts, groups and campaigns.

App integration

Use Rest API interface to SMS-enable any application, website or system and send messages around the globe to improve relationtship with your contacts.

Two-way communication

Get response from your contacts! ElementarySMS empowers the users with instant reply service, which takes the user experience to a whole new level.

Send & receive SMS using a web browser

Efficiently send, monitor and analyze your SMS campaigns. After completing installation, you can log in from any Internet enabled device and communicate via ElementarySMS.

Target audience

Communicate with your target audience in a cost effective way, by using groups of contacts. You can easily use filters to and search your contacts.

Control & safety

Total privacy and control: your data, your users, your campaigns, your contacts! Only you can access the contact database - no extra parties involved.

Smart management

Schedule your campaigns to be sent later. Know when your messages are safely sent and/or delivered and check the status of your campaigns in real time.

History & reports

Every campaign, every sent or received message is stored in the the system. Search and browse the history of conversations for each contact. Generate reports when needed.

ElementarySMS Allowed countries

Easily select allowed countries where to send SMS messages. Avoid unneeded costs caused by accidentally sending outside desired countries.

ElementarySMS Sending Hours

Enabling Sending Hours, you'll know that your contacts won't be disturbed in the middle of the night.

ElementarySMS Quick reply

You can send a Quick message to one or multiple contacts and send a Quick reply to any received message.

ElementarySMS Schedule campaign

Schedule your campaigns to start at a specific date and hour, to maximize the campaing's impact.

ElementarySMS Phone number validation

All phone numbers are automatically validated, first to be a mobile number and second to be from an Allowed country.

ElementarySMS User types

Add users and assign specific roles, allowing them to send SMS messages and campaings without interfering with your System setup.

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