Send SMS text messages anywhere in the world

Retail & Commerce

Launch more effective mobile marketing campaigns. Save time with SMS auto-replies for common customer queries, or integrate through RestAPI with your own systems for order tracking and fulfillment.


Give out alerts, reminders and notifications to your customers and employees to ensure instant and continuous communication and availability. Suitable for management of supplies and deliveries.


Remind your patients of upcoming appointments and relevant medication. Improve public health by broadcasting health tips, conducting interactive surveys, or answering health questions.


Send out instructions to drivers about traffic, weather conditions and road diversions. Clients can inquire transport schedules and make reservations on buses, airplanes etc.


Easily import and organize your attendee lists, schedule SMS reminders and send alerts for last-minute updates. Set up SMS auto-replies to provide event information.


Build your database of listeners, viewers, or readers. Schedule SMS messages to remind your audience to tune in at the right time and easily collect audience feedback.


Import and organize your class lists, schedule SMS reminders about meetings and due dates, and reply to questions. Easily notify and coordinate with students and parents.


Your staff can easily notify borrowers about loan applications and disbursements, follow up on late payments, and schedule SMS reminders about upcoming payments.

Democracy & Advocacy

Foster political mobilization! Engage in dialogue with your supporters and community members via SMS conversations, and conduct SMS polls to stay aware of community needs.

The use of SMS messaging is proving itself to be a highly effective business communications tool. The communication between business and customer is immediate, and it is also cost-effective, discreet, wide reaching and more intimate than some other forms of business communication.

As these messages are sent through the ElementarySMS platform, they are instant and open up a channel of communication with a targeted audience. Furthermore, all communication can be stored for reference purposes and can be tailored and customised to suit many styles.

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